Tuesday, 21 October 2008

She never meant to call

She did anyway. Eight times in quick succession, leaving a message only the once, with the first call. Short and sweet, she almost shouts, "call me back!" in a moderately thick Scottish accent. Her tone is a mixture of exasperation and pleading.

I've no idea who she is: it's an unfamiliar number with an 01896 prefix which, Google informs me, is Galashiels. I don't know anyone in Galashiels. Mysteeerious.

Well, very probably not that mysterious at all. She's obviously got the wrong number and, now I come to think of it, I'm pretty sure she's called before. She left a message maybe a year ago, jolly and somewhat inebriated-sounding, your basic "I'm on my way to X, 'phone me back, you lazy bastard" instruction. I ignored it at the time but I feel I'm starting to get drawn into the saga of Galashiela (take a bow).

Should I 'phone back and explain it's a wrong number? Irrationally, having ignored eight redials from her, I'm a little scared of direct communication...


The Rognon said...

I really enjoy that sort of thing. Quite recently I received a Friday evening text (actually, it was the last BB) saying, simply, 'so u want 2 meet tonite?'. I had no idea who it was, and obviously no friend of mine would abbreviate in that fashion. It was too good an opportunity to pass up, though:

'Sure. Same place as last time?'

This confused the boy a bit, because there clearly hadn't been a last time, but we both enjoyed a half hour or so. It turned out he'd seen 'me' around at school and got my number. I eventually confessed that I hadn't a clue who he was, and that I'm easily old enough to be his mother. He didn't seem to mind too much, though. '40s not that old' (bless him). Clearly not picky, neither did it seem to occur to him that there might be a reason he was given the wrong number. We parted on good terms and wished each other a pleasant evening.

I seem to remember encouraging you to do something similar once before, many moons ago. I think I even encouraged you to tell me the number so I could do it on your behalf. You chickened.

Of course, the cod in me believes that this perversion of mine is very telling. You decide.

Pogonophile said...

God yes, it was a text message, aaages ago. I did text back, but explained the wrong numberiness straightoff. So yeah, in that sense I chickened. I'm dimly remembering that it was a teenage girl then who texted me by mistake and, apart from everything else, flirting with her in txtspk didn't seem an altogether comfortable dynamic. Different when the genders are reversed, I think.

In this case, she sounds adult - so possibly fairer game - but Quite Pissed Off. I'm imagining her sitting at home furiously stabbing Redial...

SubtleKnife said...

This reminds me of an elderly lady who kept calling me at a really inopportune moment. And kept calling... She insisted on speaking to her son and it took me three or four calls to get through to her that there must be some mistake and her son was not with me.

Then I got his life story. he is - or was then - a dentist, don't you know? Through asking questions and interpreting her garbled explanation I was able to figure out that he was in the habit of forwarding calls from his office to his cell phone when he wasn't in and that he must have made a mistake when entering the number.

Now I had to explain to her that no matter how often she tried, she would keep getting me. I think it was a Friday afternoon too, so there was a possibility of calls all through the weekend...