Sunday, 5 October 2008

I met a strange lady

Three strange ladies. Friday after work, me and TSB met at the Leicester Square Theatre for The Kransky Sisters. Mourne, Eve and Dawn Kransky (only recently did I realise they're all named after times of day) are a trio of weird sisters from Esk, Queensland. Theirs is a compelling Australian Gothic premise with a beautifully mordant backstory that's revealed as much by facial expression, body language and what's not said as by the between-songs monologues. It's lovely dark stuff that creeps up on you, comedy that's not afraid to take its time.

They're apparently a cult phenomenon in Australia; there's plenty of them on YouTube:

They played Born To Be Wild as well as Werewolves Of London (complete with howls), Ça Plane Pour Moi, Dah Dah Dah (which segued into Puppet On A String) and many others. I think my favourite was their inimitable version of Pull Up To The Bumper...

We first encountered the Kranskys in a ten-minute slot at Duckie (with music and cabaret, Duckie's an endless treasure trove; they've introduced us to countless gems) but here, they had room to unfold gradually, over an hour and a half (their show was great value), transporting us to their subtly drawn, Addams Familyesque world of dust, wirelesses and tightly repressed sexuality. Afterwards, they signed merchandise in the foyer, unnervingly never slipping out of character. Tentatively, I mentioned that I'd seen them at Duckie.

Mourne Kransky: Such nice people! How did you find us here?

Me (earnestly): Umm... expanded. You had the time to give us a fuller, richer experience. I really liked it.

MK (after a slight pause): How lovely. But that's not what I was asking. I wondered how you'd found us.

Me (feeling a bit silly): Ah. We, er, saw you on the poster and bought tickets

MK (socially adroit): Well, thankyou for coming.

We're now proud owners of a signed Kransky Sisters teatowel - which will never see dishes!

They're there for another week or so, and really deserve to sell out, so go see 'em. You won't regret it.

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Spectacled Bear said...

Pull up to the bumper was excellent but my favourite bit was their version of Devo's Whip It that accompanied memories of an abusive mother out of Grimm.