Saturday, 25 October 2008

Come taste the wine

What can I say? Tonight was one of those evenings I wish my whole life consisted of: impossibly glamorous. I took the Tube into town after work, met Mel for drinks then rendezvoused with TSB and Gareth at the Soho Theatre. Pricey cocktails: rather than my namesake Kir Royale, I had a Rossini, a sort of raspberry puree and champagne mix, with knobs on.

The show itself was what I've come to expect from Justin Bond: a collection of (increasingly reflective) songs with a vaguely apocalyptic theme. My favourite was the one dedicated to his bipolar friend - Stars And Bars, maybe? Although there was an excellent foot-stomper (which began with "I've got nipples on my tittles as big as the end of your thumbs"), I think I always prefer Justin's ballads. There's something about his voice that, whether singing as Kiki or himself, effortlessly communicates the bittersweet end of the emotional spectrum. Nice costume changes, too, although I think my favourite is still the dress he wore to Duckie last week.

The guests were Novice Theory (introduced as "a half and half" but looked like a big-haired Dominic Cooper) and Martyn Jacques of The Tiger Lillies, who sang a falsetto version of Banging In The Nails:

Our Lady J, Justin's keyboard player, stole the show a little, not merely with her extraordinary glamour but with her cameo song Pink Prada Purse. Here it is:

Mel, TSB, Gareth, Rob and I caught a cab and dawdled through the Soho masses before speeding south across town... still reaching the Royal Vauxhall Tavern before Our Lady J and her entourage (Justin Bond) got there. Just. When they did arrive, there was a palpable sense of excitement. Celebrity had entered the building!

It was my first time at KUNST. I really liked it. Having gone there via the Soho Theatre via work, I was still clad in pinstripes. Didn't feel overdressed, though, given the Weimar vibe (if anything, I should've had a bowler hat). I was in top Mr Sociable form, running into Ben and his photographer friend (we recognised each other from last night's Vauxhallville and liked each other's pics). Had a great chat with an ex-Retro Barman (or two) and met a beautifully side-parted Poor Little Kitsch Boy, whose blog I started reading via Gareth's. I even started chatting to the Gay Times editor over urinals.

Anyway, here's the very lovely Our Lady J in her very first solo spot (world exclusive at KUNST!), bathed as pink as her Prada purse:

When she first took the stage, a host of cameras appeared. I'm not sure I've ever seen an RVT act photographed quite as much. It's easy to see why: she exudes charisma.

Oh yes, and KUNST host Dusty Limits sang a very funny song elaborated from Hugh Grant's baked beans 'n' childhood cancer outburst of yesteryear. And then we danced to some excellent '80s/'90s-tinged stuff, courtesy of DJ DawnRightNasty, who surely deserves credit for orchestrating Our Lady J's solo debut there.

Will we make it a hat trick with Duckie tonight? Watch this space...


Gareth said...

a fantastic evening all round

Owen said...

That's what I call a busy night!

Pogonophile said...

It was good busy, though. :)

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