Saturday, 25 October 2008

My so friendly lens

Seeerious camera envy recently, at the Tavern, and at last night's KUNST I was introduced to the owner of the impressively tumescent lens, AbsolutQueer. I'd noticed her exquisite photography online, as she seems to gravitate to many of the same events as I do. I love her composition, particularly.

Anyway, the crispness of AbsolutQueer's pics is making me reconsider taking the bigger Canon (which I think of as The Good Camera) along to some of these bashes. I originally bought it out of frustration with the pocket-sized Canon: if at all possible, I prefer not to use the flash (it tends to bleach the atmosphere from lowlit subjects); the problem is that I then risk blurring. I usually compensate for this by a) trying to steady my camera by bracing it against a table or pillar, and b) taking lots and lots and lots and lots of pics, in the hope that the law of averages might favour me.

The reason I don't routinely take the Good Camera to the likes of Duckie basically boils down to lack of space, quantity of alcohol and exuberance of danceage. I'm terrified I'll drop it or otherwise damage it, squeezing through the crowd. Memorably, I once ruined a baby Canon Ixus by reaching for my pint while it dangled from my wrist. D'oh.

The non-Duckie RVT nights are something of a revelation, though: weekday moderation, more room to move and I still enjoy myself! I might risk the Good Camera at some of those.

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