Wednesday, 5 November 2008


He did it!

In the event, I sat up until around 4am despite having to get up for a full day's work today; watching that blotchy map go blue was just too exhilarating. I went to sleep after Ohio and, I think, just before New Mexico. The BBC's coverage had been amusingly partisan (they weren't trying too hard to conceal their obvious delight) and Simon Schama was gently baiting John Bolton.

The booing Republicans during McCain's speech were truly pathetic.

I'm finding myself slightly obsessed by Michelle Obama's outfits, and was tickled that she seemed to have dressed as a black widow spider. Wonder what kind of puppy they're going to go for?

It's a relief to be able to like America again. I'd quite got out of the habit.


Gareth said...

I gave up after an hour I found David Dimbleby and in fact the whole BBC production rather amateurish. And Jeremey Vine is no Peter Snow.

Pogonophile said...

I found the BBC production amateurish too, but charmingly so. In fact, I think it's that specific edge of crapness that I'm drawn to, the antithesis of high-production-value-but-soul-free slickness. Like old Doctor Who.

I do agree it was best viewed with a laptop to hand for one part actual results to two parts amusing bumbling.

Gareth said...

I was in bed watching it so such hi-tech behaviour was not possible.

What annoyed me was the fact that yu could see these American pundits thinking what's this shit, I should be on CNN, or at a celebratory party.

Pogonophile said...

In the case of John Bolton, I rather liked the fact that the BBC's approach pissed him off. And, for all its apparent amateurishness, the UK media has historically tended to give more varied, in-depth coverage (not of this election, necessarily, but news in general) of a broader range of topics than US. Certainly, I know of American friends who trust it more than they trust their own news stations. I'd rather have that than slickness, any day.